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Ivy League


To start your journey and while climbing the larger-than-life Ivy think about the things in life that make you smile. What makes you happy?  Solve the memory game with your team AND take a moment to reflect on what makes you happy. 

Note that this challenge requires a reflection that you will complete after you complete the memory puzzle by clicking on "Return to the Map."

Emotional wellness is defined as coping effectively with life and creating satisfying relationships.

Goals for your Emotional Wellness
  • Become more aware of your feelings and accept them as valid indicators of what you are experiencing.

  • Develop the ability to experience and appropriately express a wide range of emotions such as humor, joy, fear, anger, frustration, appreciation, sadness.

  • Develop assertiveness and confrontation skills

  • Develop positive feelings about yourself by instituting a healthy self-esteem and self-concept

  • Develop the skills to handle stress, irritations, crises.

  • Explore and clarify your own sexual identity

  • Develop, establish, and maintain intimate and loving relationships.

Memory Puzzle:  Find the matching pairs!